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Dressing Up Little Ones: Designer Dresses For Moms and Kids

Dressing up little kids is a fun yet intimidating. Kid’s fashion has become quite popular and in demand in recent years with designer brands for kids taking the fashion world by storm. We, as online retailer and specialized in handcrafted apparels for kids and moms, know the struggle of choosing the right outfit for your child. We are here to guide you for getting quality, handmade designer’s dresses for any occasion including party, wedding, formal and casual. Following are some useful tips when browsing for kids dresses;

  1. Comfort Is Vital: Picking The Right Fabric

One of the first things you need to be aware of is that the clothing you choose for your child is comfortable to them. Children love playing, exploring and running around so choosing fabric such as cotton and linen, that is breathable and soft along with ease of movement, is essential. Steer clear of clothing that is too tight and restricting.

  1. Quality Over Quantity: Choosing A Good Quality Fabric

When choosing clothing for your little ones, make sure to get clothing made of a good quality, durable fabric. It is better to get pieces that will last a good while and be comfortable for your child than clothes with fabrics that dull when washed or when only worn once.

  1. Make It Colorful: Picking The Right Colors

For children, choosing colorful and fun fabrics is the best option. Not only will they look adorable, but since children love all things colorful, they will feel confident too. Don’t be shy to mix and match a variety of colors together to create an adorable look.

  1. Seasonal Variety: Choosing Clothes Appropriate For The Weather

As seasons change throughout the year, so should your child’s wardrobe. Adjust your little one’s outfits according to the weather keeping comfort a priority. Pick soft, breathable fabric like lawn and cotton in bright and lovely colors for summer while warm linen layered with cozy sweaters and jackets in darker colors for winter. Don’t layer too much that they’re uncomfortable but make sure they’re cozy still.

  1. Accessorize: Finding The Right Accessories

Accessories are a perfect addition to any outfit to really complete the look. Whether it’s a headband, a simple colorful scarf or a cute little bowtie, accessories always elevate the entire outfit. Add accessories to any outfit but don’t over-do it!

  1. Formal Attire: Dressing Up For Formal Occasions

Whether it’s a wedding, a simple formal dinner or luncheon, choosing a formal attire for kids can be a difficult task. Consider lovely ghararas from our handmade collection for boys and girls, for example, which are stylish, elegant and comfortable followed by lovely waistcoat sets for handsome little boys. Choose fabric prints that are elegant and colorful as well as comfortable. Add accessories to enhance the outfit further.


Dressing up your child can be fun and easy! By following these tips your child will definitely feel comfortable, trendy and look adorable.

As one of made-in-Pakistan small business, we take utmost care from design up to stitching and shipping to our esteemed customers. Our goal is to make kids and moms design more appealing while the duo enjoy comfortable trendy clothing at affordable price. You can find clothes for each season, color and size up to 14 years, be it for boys or girls, at The Aaira’s Closet. Our CoD and easy return policy make online order secured and hassle-free.

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