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Eid Wooden Plank

Eid Wooden Plank

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A time to cherish the bonds of family and friends."

Time has arrived to celebrate this auspicious occasion.

Capturing the beauty of love in every moment.

A time to share gifts with your loved once.

So, we thought why not add some quirky ideas. After working for months, we have come up with some unique basket ideas for your loved once.

Adding things from "Scrap project" and from "The Aaira's closet"

Adding On!

We have some new creative artists Onboard, who contributed to make our Eid baskets more vibrant.

This is a beautifully decorated wooden plank. There are three designs to choose from that are the perfect gift for Eid!

Meet the team!!

I'm Adeena,

A psychology student who enjoys life's small pleasures.

Crafting personalized experiences and heartfelt gifts for my loved ones is my passion. Everyday intricacies ignite my imagination, and currently, I'm absolutely taken with the captivating allure of wood slice art.

Through artistic expression, I convey my innermost self and share the beauty surrounding me.

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